Daddy's Little PrincessDaddy’s Little Princess

When a woman’s car breaks down in dangerous conditions, she agrees to stay the night in Parkdale. But how long is she really expected to stay for?


Commissioned by: Sarah

Year: 2013


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  1. One of my few…actually, probably my only minor issue with the Parkdale series has been the absence of daddies and male caregivers in almost every story so far with I think a couple of small exceptions – or like in Hope To Fly where both parents are dead but the mother is the only one who is missed which was kind of sad. So I thoroughly enjoyed this beautiful story which felt like a breath of fresh air and here’s hoping we see more loving father/child interactions in the future. :)

  2. Author

    I’m glad you enjoyed the story :) Yes, the role of fathers is a rewarding new direction for Parkdale stories. We’ll see if it continues – I’m glad to have commissioners who are pushing the boundaries of what can happen here (something everyone I’ve written for in 2013 has done).

  3. I hope it does. Or at least that it’s not implied anymore that loving fathers are non-existant in Parkdale, and poor John isn’t the only hands on daddy in the whole town as it seems at this point. XD I’m always excited for the new twists and turns in these stories.

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