The CleanerThe Cleaner

Story No.9 in Sebtomato’s Classic collection.

 A women’s organisation will use extreme measures to stop a journalist writing sexist articles.

Thomas is a writer with a old-fashioned views and a sexist attitude towards every woman he meets.

When a new cleaner starts work at his home, everything changes. Thomas gets progressively younger, subjected to a series of humiliating experiences at his local school (dressed in school uniform) and at home (dressed in clothes only a pre-schooler could love) where his is forced to behave like a good boy or become even younger.

Stubborn Thomas has no intention of changing his ways. But can he escape the cleaner’s infantilizing influence and get his adult life back, or will he be tricked into surrendering the rest of his maturity and return to the sweet, thumb-sucking and diaper-wearing innocence of the nursery…?

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