Questions and answers

Is this a new story?

It’s half-old, half-new. I’ve taken the time to improve and expand a classic tale. It’s been completely re-edited, with a brand new scene and 90% more words. In my opinion, it’s now twice as good.

What will $4.99 get me?

The story plus 2 posters;

  • cover image
  • exclusive 2-panel teaser image

What if I’m down to my last $5?

Then you have my sympathy and you should save your money for necessities. To everyone who can spare $5 and buys a copy, thank you, and I hope you love it. I will put proceeds towards the glamorous business of hosting this website.

What’s it about?

When Richard and Charlotte agree to test some new products designed by the Parkdale Parenting Association, their relationship changes dramatically. But is it just for a day, or is this something more permanent?

What kind of AR is in the story? 

Physical, mental, male.

Which agents are featured in the story?  

Granny Mary and Dr Sucette.

How long is it?

9,500 words.

How much is it?

US $4.99

When will I receive it?

As soon as you pay for it (it’s an automated process)

What kind of file is it?

A pdf. You can download the story or have it sent to your Kindle or Dropbox. The images are .png files.

How do I pay?

You can pay with PayPal (for a limited time) or a credit card.

Is it a secure payment? 

All payments are fully encrypted, SSL secure, and PCI compliant.

How will the purchase show up on my account/statement?

As “Selz, Inc.”