nursery_coverNursery Rules

 The sequel to “Snowed Under” and part 2 of the trilogy

A friend of Holly’s is determined to expose the people who tried to turn Holly and Peter into children.

When Holly discovers her friend’s mind has been regressed to early childhood, she is determined to help her. But when she reads emails between her friend and a mysterious new employer, Holly realizes they are both at risk from Parkdale’s infantilizing influence.

Holly has escaped from Parkdale before, but can Holly help her friend, or will she find the hypnotic video games, adorable outfits and her friend’s juvenile behavior so distracting that they both end up behaving like sweet, innocent little girls, and dressed appropriately, by the time Parkdale’s nusery school owner arrives to take them “home”…?

If you enjoy this story, read the sequel – Getting Holly

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