Looking After LottieLooking After Lottie

With the help of a borrowed computer game, perhaps Lottie can get her favorite baby-sitter back. 

Thomas has one big problem; a little girl called Lottie who takes up more of his girlfriend’s time and attention than he does. During a visit to Parkdale, Thomas finds himself getting physically younger until he is even younger than Lottie. When everyone, including his girlfriend, treats Thomas’s new condition as normal, he frantically tries to find a way to reverse the process before he’s left as a drooling infant while a smiling Lottie looks on…

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  1. I was happy to see this available through your Amazon collection. It’s one of my favorites and I bought it earlier tonight. Thanks for what you create and for making them available through kindle.

  2. It’s weird. This one doesn’t seem to appear in the “classic” list, yet is referenced as being in it.

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