jacks_kindleJack’s Sore Throat

Jack is temporarily physically regressed to childhood so that his body can fight a virus.  But is the treatment really temporary?

When Jack’s sore throat turns out to be something far more serious, Parkdale doctors only remedy is to temporarily physically regress him. Jack reluctantly agrees, cared for by his wife and finds himself back at school, complete with juvenile school uniform and a day filled with childish games.

Jack relies on his wife to keep his mental age stable, but when he discovers a girl at school in the same situation, Jack wonders whether his physical regression is for medical reasons or something more permanent. Determined to get his adult body and mind back, will Jack escape or will his wife, and a pretty nursery school assistant, leave him babbling in nappies?

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  1. Wanted to say that this my favorite of your classic stories. The transition between ages is great. I especially like the subplot with David and Emma. Daddies are often forgotten about in AR stories so it was a nice touch. :D And I love the ending.

  2. Author

    Thanks, Amanda! I think it’s great fun when a boy and girl regress together – and I’d like to include more daddies in the future :)

  3. Same here. I love the gender contrasts when a boy and girl regress together. And that’s great to hear. Dads need as much love as Moms (speaking as someone who was raised by a stay-at-home dad).

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