Melissa Jane and the Sprite Spell

A woman finds herself trapped back in her hometown, facing the threat of a second childhood. Part of Sebtomato’s “Berry Swirl” Age Regression Fiction

Melissa Jane and the sprite spellMelissa Jane (“MJ”), a gifted college student with sophisticated tastes, has a very low opinion of her Southern hometown. MJ has left ignorance and strip malls behind her, and it takes a very special request for her to pay her mother a visit.

But MJ quickly discovers that her mother has been through some changes of her own. What’s more, she wants a second chance at being the parent she failed to be first time around. Thanks to a drugged can of soda, MJ finds herself in the back seat of her mother’s car and back in her old Catholic school uniform, ready to start childhood all over again.

MJ seeks refuge in Wal-Mart, desperate to escape her mother and to get her adult body back. But on Halloween, can MJ avoid the childish distractions long enough to escape with her mind intact, or will she end up dressed in an adorable costume, ready to go trick or treatin’ with her momma?

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Cover photo used under Creative Commons from Celenek

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