Jackie worked as a teen agent with her own agenda and a leading role in some of Parkdale’s darkest tales.
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Helped (mostly) by her assistant, Damian, Jackie regressed her subjects without mercy. She delivered results, but she also carried out unsanctioned work.

How long would Parkdale tolerate her behaviour? Jackie’s final story provides full details of what happens when you push the Parkdale authorities too far.

Most of these stories were commissioned by Maskedman.

Here’s Jackie’s timeline:

The School Inspector – When a school inspection at Parkdale Academy threatens to end with a poor report, it’s up to Jackie to help change the Inspector’s mind

The Blame Game – When Jackie makes a mistake, she takes extreme measures to protect herself.

The Demotion –  Jackie discovers a boy who has been part of Parkdale from the very beginning.

The Dressing Down – Jackie takes a risk by changing the sex of a visitor to Parkdale

The Dressing Up –  Jackie’s unsanctioned activities are catching up with her. Can she keep them a secret?

Daddy Issues – Jackie shows she can work as part of a team, helping to show a Parkdale teacher what it’s like to be a school pupil.

Choosing Sides – Jackie has to deal with a fellow agent who seems determined to reveal her private activities.

Getting Holly – Jackie is chosen to regress an escapee from Parkdale. But who will end up in nappies?

And what about Jackie’s sidekick/assistant? Damian’s fate was also sealed, and you can read his story in Silly Squirts.