Happy New Year from Parkdale

Dear readers, 

I’m finishing this year full of gratitude and delight for everyone who has commissioned stories from the Parkdale and Berry Swirl universes in 2017. Your imagination and passion helps shape these worlds, and enables me to create very special adventures.  Thank you. 

Thanks also to everyone who has bought ebooks or subscribed to the email list. 

No ‘exclusive’ tale this holiday season, but I have big plans for stories in 2018 featuring many of Parkdale’s leading players. Change is coming – is there such a thing as an AR earthquake?

Best 2018 wishes, health and happiness to you all – keep it sweet, and a little sneaky as well. 



  1. I have always liked your stories. Chiefly those I admit which involved male regression. Some of those involving female regression have been interesting too. I especially liked stories like Brave and Big Smiles. They to me exemplify the best of Parkdale. Good luck in the new year.

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