New Story coming! Beginning on Friday

baby cookiesOctober feels like a long month! We might need a snack – how about a special Parkdale biscuit? More importantly, how about a new AR story starting on Friday?

Rose is bored with her cleaning job at Leaps & Bounds, but when she finds a little boy in need of rescuing, things get a lot more interesting.

Thank you to Sarah for this commission and story idea that let’s us see more of Parkdale’s male agents in action. About time! See you back here on Friday…

New Story : Pep Talk – Parts 1 and 2

Pep TalkLet’s start the weekend in the best way possible, with the start of a brand new Parkdale tale.

Teenager Aurora and her mother Debra have just moved to Parkdale. Aurora is finding it hard to adjust and Debra is such a scatterbrain. Can step-brother Sean help this family settle in?

Thanks to Fossil for this commission and story idea. I always thought Parkdale needed cheerleaders! Enjoy parts 1 and 2 and leave your comments :)