New Story: Letting Go – Complete Story

Letting GoBecause it’s short and sweet, here is Berri Swirl’s brand new mental AR story in full!

Bobby has come to Kentucky to start afresh, ready to show he is a grown-up, a professional, someone with his act together. But is this real or something veneer-thick, ready to crack when his new customer gives him a tap?

Thanks to Ivani for commissioning this tale, and letting us glimpse a little more of Berri Swirl’s world in the process. Enjoy Letting Go and share your comments!

New Parkdale story – coming on Monday

duck bathA brand new story will begin here on Monday – continuing from events in The Dressing Up.

Thanks to Maskedman for the commission and an inspired idea that lets us catch up with Damian and  Jackie – or is it Parkdale that’s catching up with them?

This story will be published in its entirety on Monday.

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See you back here on Monday!

New ‘Fan Fiction’ story – Magical Memories

disneyI’m pleased to host a new male and female AR story; a novella that was definitely inspired, although not set in, Parkdale.

Thanks to Morpher for writing and sharing this story. I’ve put this in a ‘fan fiction’ category, but maybe ‘inspired’ is a better term. You won’t find any existing Sebtomato characters here but it certainly has a Parkdale feel.

If Bernard and Sophia want to receive their inheritance, they will have to complete a curiously childish mission in a certain Florida theme park. Fortunately, Miss Viola has traveled all the way from Parkdale, England to help them stay on task…

Enjoy Magical Memories!