Getting Holly – Get it now!

I’m proud and delighted to announce that Getting Holly, Parkdale’s 50th tale and one very close to my heart, is available for download right now.


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New Fan Fiction story – Dollies

doll faceHappy Thanksgiving!

While the tomato enjoys the holiday, Parkdale is happy to host an excellent new fan fiction story which continues Viola’s adventures from Magical Memories.

Thank you to Morpher for writing and sharing this story!

Viola has a new assignment. But who is really the target? 

Read Dollies - and if you enjoy it, please leave feedback for Morpher on the final story page.

Fall commissions are closed (and a thank you note)

Fall commissions closed

Heartfelt gratitude to everyone who has commissioned Sebtomato tales in 2014. You have made my work possible and enriched the Parkdale and Berri Swirl universes with your imagination. Thank you.

Thank you also to everyone who bought Amazon ebook versions of my stories this year. That paid for website hosting, and also for the guy who fixes the website every time I break it (that happens a lot).

Will an Exclusive story appear before the end of the year? Something to warm the toes and   (I mean, seriously, what’s going on with Snowed Under 3? If Holly doesn’t get rescued soon, she’ll turn 18 and just take the train like everyone else!). No promises, but that would be fun, right?

Thanks for reading – and enjoy the holiday season!