Shaving Foam (2015) – Get it now!

I just knew something fun would happen this weekend…

Shaving Foam, second of the special 2015 editions, is now on sale! It’s been completely edited and expanded, with a brand new scene and 90% more words. It even comes with an exclusive teaser that won’t be seen on the website.

You can get it now or find more information on the Shaving Foam’s story page.

Fall commissions open now

Fall Commissions

American and Canadian readers, I hope you had an excellent Labor Day!

Everyone else, I hope you had an excellent Monday :) (Happy Independence Day, Brazil!)

The leaves are falling in Parkdale. The nights are drawing in, and the kids are back at school and already planning their costumes for Halloween. I wouldn’t be surprised if Tesco was selling Christmas mince pies already.

It’s autumn and it’s time to get in touch if you’re ready to bring your AR story idea to life.

Email me with your story idea, whether it’s just a few lines or something more detailed, and I will let you know (a) if that’s something I can write for you and (b) timing and pricing.

To all of you, have a great September! And remember there are 10 Sebtomato stories on Amazon,  available for download to Kindles and other electronic readers:

New Story – The Bomb

The Bomb (Sebtomato)A new story in time for Labor Day weekend (not celebrated in Parkdale, unfortunately).

Parkdale offers Jenny her first chance at happiness since she suffered a tragic loss. Will she take it?

Today I’m proud to publish in full, with thanks to Sarah for the commission and idea, The Bomb.

Registration – Part 5

Registration teaserIt’s Friday. Enjoy part 5 of Registration. And can we squeeze in an epilogue? I think we can! Time for Kristina and Rachel to have a proper conversation. Who would your put your money on? Perhaps Carly can nip in and save the day, but personally I think she’s better off in the shadows…



I hope everyone has an excellent weekend. It’s been a busy time for this writer, and it’s nice to spend a little time in Parkdale. Eagle-eyed visitors will notice that the agents list is down for repairs. It has become a rather cumbersome page, and I intend to present agency staff in a more streamlined way. We’ll see :)