Gallery Update – Peter and Holly

Peter & HollyNo updates in June, I shall be very busy with travel and other projects, and so in the meantime…

About time Peter and Holly got some representation in the gallery. I have something very special planned for them later this year in the form of an exciting Sebtomato Exclusive.

Is this image a glimpse of the future? I hope not, for their sakes! But if Peter’s planning on coming back to Parkdale to free his girlfriend, he’d better be careful – she has a police escort after all :)

If you’re not familiar with their adventures, you can catch up by reading Snowed Under, Nursery Rules, and Pink For Boys. We last heard about Holly (fleetingly!) in Grace and the Mystery of the Missing Boy.

See you in July!

New Story: Daddy Issues – Parts 1 to 3

Daddy IssuesHere’s a generous helping of Parkdale’s brand new AR tale! Miss Brodie has been given a new assignment. Why does it feel so much like a demotion? Let’s see how she handles matters (fortunately for us, she’s keeping a detailed record of her findings).

With thanks to Sarah for a commission and excellent idea that lets us see a new side of Parkdale. Ah, first love, it’s a beautiful thing…

(And just to add, I know the formatting isn’t ideal. I’ll try to fix it but as of today, I don’t know how :) )

New Story coming! – Female AR – Beginning on Monday

girl's diaryIt’s heating up in Parkdale. We’re going to celebrate May with a brand new female AR story that will begin here after the weekend.

Time to say hello and how’ve you been? to Miss Brodie, last seen in The Cleaner (and I recommend catching up with that story before Monday).   Miss Brodie has a new kind of class to teach, as well as a very challenging student.

Thank you to Sarah for a commission and story idea that reminds us that Parkdale shouldn’t forget the teenage years. You know where to come on Monday…

New Story: Divergence: Parts 1 and 2

DivergenceHappy Monday – here is Parkdale’s brand new male AR story!

Are they really in a pub? I didn’t think Parkdale had such a thing. But this is England…

Let’s welcome Sean and Tobias to Parkdale, where the beer is reasonably priced but it’s probably not the best place to have a hangover.

Thanks to Sarah for this commission and an idea that provides opportunities for various male and female characters to make an appearance. Enjoy parts 1 and 2 of  Divergence and leave your comments.