New Story: Registration

Registration (Sebtomato)A brand new story begins today, and will continue every day this week. Let me introduce you to Kristina, in Parkdale to find her missing brother. Will she have any luck? Well, you know Parkdale – look hard enough and you’re sure to find something interesting. With thanks to Fossil for the commission and idea, enjoy the first part of Registration.

New Story: Earning Badges

Earning Badges coverIs it time for the kids to go back to school yet? I swear, the weather seems on the verge of cooling down. Next thing you know, we’ll be writing Christmas cards ;)

Here for your weekend enjoyment, with thanks to William for his very first Parkdale commmission, is a brand new story.

When Max visits his mother in Parkdale, he doesn’t intend to stay for long. Mum, however, has a little favour to ask of him.

I’m delighted to present in full, right here and now, Earning Badges.