Winter commissions are open now


Winter commissions openBrrr, cold and dark here in Parkdale, time to sweep the snow from the front path and get back inside to warm up with a sweet and silly story of your own design. And make sure you’re all dressed up in something cuddly and fuzzy while you’re at it :)

If you have been thinking about bringing your own AR story idea to life, now is the time to get in touch because I’m open for commission.

Email with your story idea, whether it’s just a few lines or something more detailed, and I will let you know (a) if that’s something I can write for you and (b) timing and pricing.

Thanks for reading – and have a great January!

Getting Holly – Get the download :)


Getting Holly, Parkdale’s 50th tale and one very close to my heart, is available for download with Paypal or credit card.

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You can find answers to questions on the main Getting Holly page.

New Story: Silly Squirts

Silly SquirtsHere’s an excellent way to start 2015!

Thank you to Bfboy for this commission and story idea that brings Michael (introduced back in the days of Pink for Boys)  and Damian (Jackie’s pint-sized partner in crime last seen in Choosing Sides) together for a very special story that takes place 12,000 miles away from Parkdale but couldn’t be more important for its future.

To help have a Happy New Year’s Day, read Silly Squirts in full today!

Getting Holly – Get it for Christmas!

Getting HollyAh, the holiday excitement! Holly would love to have Peter help in the kitchen. You can’t have too many mince pies for a traditional Parkdale Christmas. But what will Peter be getting from Santa this year; a new iPhone or a big box of Lego?

If you’ve downloaded Getting Holly, thank you! If not, get it before the town closes for Christmas! It’s filled with male and female AR and definitely the most enjoyable way to get the complete picture on what’s happening in Parkdale.

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And since you have been so good all year, I may have a surprise for you tomorrow…