New Story: Highlights – Parts 1 to 4

HighlightsFinally, it’s Monday!  Here is a first helping of Parkdale’s brand new AR tale.

Amy is back in Parkdale for a fleeting visit, and she’s brought her boyfriend with her. Her father, Parkdale psycholgist Dr. Myers, persuades the couple to join him at his Somerset cabin. Time for some family bonding and reminiscing. Time to get back to basics.

Thanks to Sarah for this commission and a story idea that introduces us to a leading Parkdale figure who uses his tried and tested methods on his own daughter. Enjoy parts 1 to 4 of Highlights, and leave your comments!

New Story coming! – Male and Female AR – Beginning on Monday

BBQ toyIt’s getting ready for autumn in Parkdale, but it’s still very warm. Let’s get into September with a brand new story that will begin here on Monday.

Jay and Amy have a chance to enjoy some fresh air and try some of life’s simpler pleasures before leaving Parkdale. Perhaps they’ll have such a nice time, they won’t want to leave!

Thank you to Sarah for this commission and story idea that introduces us to Parkdale’s lead psychologist. I think we’ll be seeing more of him.

New Story: Letting Go – Complete Story

Letting GoBecause it’s short and sweet, here is Berri Swirl’s brand new mental AR story in full!

Bobby has come to Kentucky to start afresh, ready to show he is a grown-up, a professional, someone with his act together. But is this real or something veneer-thick, ready to crack when his new customer gives him a tap?

Thanks to Ivani for commissioning this tale, and letting us glimpse a little more of Berri Swirl’s world in the process. Enjoy Letting Go and share your comments!