New Story: Musical Chairs

Musical Chairs coverIt’s the weekend! Let’s do our best to ignore the stifling summer heat and cool down with a brand new story.

Commissioned and basd on an idea by Fossil, let’s welcome agent Kimberley Everett to active duty. We previously saw Kimberley in The Next Little Thing and Mending Michelle – hey, let’s welcome back Michelle while we’re at it :)

When an old friend arrives on Kimberley’s doorstep, threatening to upset that delicate Parkdale equilibrium, what’s a girl to do?

With thanks for Fossil for this commission, enjoy parts 1 to 3 of Musical Chairs


Undercover: Parts 4 to 6

Undercover 4-6It’s Wednesday already! what better time to see if Tim can get a moment alone with Mikey. And if he can, will he get any sense out of him?

This plan might work, as long as Tim doesn’t get distracted himself, with all those toys and fun things on offer. Seren, it must be admitted, is the perfect host. Here’s parts 4 to 6 of Undercover.

New Story: Undercover

Undercover cover

Time to see how things are going on the other side of the world. Let’s get back to Ngatea. 

In this delicious sequel to Silly Squirts, Tim goes undercover at the special school, determined to learn its secrets. But will he end up being of its students for real?

This story was commissioned and imagined by Bfboy

Enjoy the first 3 parts of Undercover