Spring commissions are now open

Spring commissions openThe snow has gone. Time to open the windows and let the fresh air inside. If you have ceiling fans, let them spin!

If you have been thinking about bringing your own AR idea to life, now is the time to get in touch because I’m open for commission.

Email commissions@sebtomato.com with your story idea, whether it’s just a few lines or something more detailed, and I will let you know (a) if that’s something I can write for you and (b) timing and pricing.

Thanks for reading – and have a great March!

New story for subscribers – Sunday School

Sunday School (Sebtomato) For a happy Monday, here’s the brand new Berri Swirl story. With thanks to an anonymous commissioner for the idea and support, let’s take a trip to Kentucky, and let’s see what happens to a man who doesn’t mind his neighbor.

Subscribers can enjoy Sunday School, published in full today.

Thursday Update: I’ve emailed all new subscribers with the password. If you’ve just subscribed, check your inbox, spam folders etc so you don’t miss it :)  If you can’t find the email, then get in touch seb[@]sebtomato.com and I’ll re-send it to you.

New story: Exclusive for subscribers

easy-peasyA new story will be published next Monday, an anonymous commission set in the Berri Swirl universe. I’m going to post it in the Subscribers section, as a thank you to readers who have joined the email list.

You haven’t subscribed? It’s easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy:

1. Add your email address to the subscribe box

2. Get an email from me with the password. This is not automated, but I check the list regularly.

3. Enter the password and access the subscriber-only section. Depending on your browser settings, you should only have to do this once.

That’s it! If you already subscribe, then you have a brand new story to look forward to :)

If you don’t, then add your email address to the box on the right if you want to read Sunday School next Monday.

Last Train: Parts 7 and 8

train map

4 people on the run. Who escapes? Who comes home? If there’s a new and improved Rachel on the hunt, surely no one is safe.

With thanks to Fossil for supporting and inspiring Carly’s journey, the question remains:  is this her last stop?

Let’s find out. Here are the final parts of Last Train.

And as a snow-covered bonus: who wants some 50% off Christmas pudding? (Instant pudding with PayPal!)

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Last Train: Part 6

trainThis is how we start the week: catching up with Carly, Ally, Scott and baby Brian.

Is Carly’s headache going to get better, or is it going to get a whole lot worse?

Time to get on the train.

In the meantime: does Peter Get Holly?

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