New Story: Divergence: Parts 1 and 2

DivergenceHappy Monday – here is Parkdale’s brand new male AR story!

Are they really in a pub? I didn’t think Parkdale had such a thing. But this is England…

Let’s welcome Sean and Tobias to Parkdale, where the beer is reasonably priced but it’s probably not the best place to have a hangover.

Thanks to Sarah for this commission and an idea that provides opportunities for various male and female characters to make an appearance. Enjoy parts 1 and 2 of  Divergence and leave your comments.

New Story coming! – Male AR – Beginning on Monday

DivergenceFeels like spring, and Parkdale has the allergies to prove it :) To take our mind off itchy eyes and wheezy coughs, a brand new male AR story will begin here on Tuesday.

Tobias is determined to help his friend Sean get over a recent break-up. But is Parkdale really the best place  for a boy’s night out?

Thank you to Sarah for the commission and an excellent story idea. See you back here on Monday!